About Tony Flower & Associates

After leaving college, Tony Flower commenced employment in the remedial treatment industry in 1972.
Apart from in-employment training, he successfully completed courses with the British Chemical Damp Coursing Association (BCDA), the British Wood Preserving
Association (BWPA) (the two later amalgamating to become the BWPDA), the Timber Lab Research Centre and later the (PCA) Property Care Association.
He is a Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT).
He worked for three different companies in East Anglia between 1972 and 2002 before deciding to set up Tony Flower & Associates.
The company has proved to be a successful venture and has now been busily carrying damp proofing and timber treatments in Suffolk, North Essex and South
Norfolk for the last 14 years.
David Woodhouse joined the company in January 2016 with the idea, not only of carrying the business forward when Tony retires, but also expanding the business
into other property preservation areas.
David has a background in the building improvement field and is now accredited with the CSRT and CSSW qualifications. 
David and Tony look forward to looking after your property preservation needs in the years to come.